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Find a Professional

Divorce Solutions of Connecticut’s professionals are trained in the Interdisciplinary Model of Collaborative Divorce. We share a commitment to resolving problems using cooperative strategies rather than adversarial techniques.

founding member Indicates a founding member of Divorce Solutions of Connecticut.

––Divorce Coaches
––Child Specialists
––Financial Professionals


Our attorneys are committed to the Collaborative process and have been specifically trained to ensure a positive experience and outcome. The lawyers work with their clients to advise them on all relevant legal matters and draft all required documents.

Allisan Adams – Cheshire – 203-272-2010

Joshua Balter – Branford – 203-208-1659

Lisa Cappalli – Cheshire – 203-271-3888

Cynthia DeMatteis Cartier – Guilford – 203-458-1477

Robert B. Fried – Hartford – 860-728-6644 / Middletown – 860-344-8211

Angela I. Green – Glastonbury, Farmington, New London – 860-986-1141

Diana Insolio – Madison – 203 -533-5334 Founding Member

Susan L. Jacobs – New Haven- (203) 772-6680

Robyn Klaskin– Madison – 203-318-8135 Founding Member

Margaret Lerner – Branford – 203-481-6550

Thea MartinGuilford – 203-903-4529

Lynn A. Pellegrino - New Haven – 203-387-8811 / Guilford – 203-458-3264

Lynn Pinder – Clinton – 860-669-1222

Jade Priest Maoz - Woodbridge – 203-553-9930

Anita Visentin-Perito – Branford - 203-208-5124

Louise Zito – Hamden/Branford – 203-281-1717 Founding Member

Divorce Coaches

The Divorce Coach helps clients with feelings associated with their changing relationships and helps clients focus on issues that need to be addressed to continue moving toward a settlement. The Divorce Coach is essential in helping the family learn how to communicate and interact in their new situation.

Beth M. Karassik, Ph.D – Cheshire – 203-271-3809

Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D – Cheshire – 203-271-1990

Child Specialists

The Child Specialist is specifically qualified in working with and understanding children. This professional helps your children to have a voice in the process and communicates their concerns and desires when creating a parenting plan.

Beth M. Karassik, Ph.D – Cheshire – 203-271-3809

Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D - Cheshire – 203-271-1990

Financial Professionals

The Financial Professional consolidates all financial information and prepares financial reports to enable the clients to make sound decisions regarding their separate financial futures. As a neutral party in the process, this professional’s responsibilities can include general financial and tax education, if needed. Our Financial Analysts have completed training in the Collaborative Divorce process.  Their role is crucial as the clients consider their financial security.

Lisa Gresham, CDFA™ – Madison – 203-245-1225